2017 Academy Application

Below is the 2017 Online Application for our summer academies. For your convenience, you can now submit your application directly to us.

Half Day Academy:
Environmental Outpost, Smyrna, Delaware
Half Day Academies (Smyrna, Delaware)

Destination Ocean: June 19th – June 23rd
AM Half Day ($150)   
Destination Dinosaur: June 19th – June 23rd  
PM Half Day ($150) 

Academy Selection:

Full Day Academies: $300 University of Delaware 
June 26th – June 30th
Full-Day Academies (University of Delaware)

Destination Sky & Beyond Destination Space  Destination Flight  Destination

Extended Care Available:

8 AM to 9 AM and/or 4 PM to 5 PM
$50 for AM  $50 for PM ($100 per week for both)
For your records, the Tax ID # for DASEF is 51-0325362

Extended Care Needed: AM    PM

Overnight Academies:
$650 University of Delaware
July 9th – 14th

Overnight-Day Academies:

Destination Moon
Destination Mars

Student Information:

Student's Name:
First    Middle Initial    Last


Male    Female

Birth Date:
Month      Day     Year
Roommate Request (Overnight Only)
Entering Grade     School & District

Parent/Guardian Information:

Names:   and/or
E-mail Address: 
Night Phone (please enter numbers only): 
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Cell Phone (please enter numbers only):   

City          State        Zip  

Student T-shirt Size Information:

Youth:    S M L      
Adult:     S M L XL XX

Fee Calculations: Please fill in the appropriate amounts:

Academy Fee:
(includes $50 Non-refundable registration fee)
Before/After Care:
= $
Amount Enclosed (minimum of $50 deposit)
- $
Amount Due on or before June 16  
= $

If you are planning on using regular mail to submit payment,
please print 2 copies

After Submission You Will Be Presented With Payment Options