Your Vote for Dr. Wright is Needed!

Eagle Rare Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey has won its share of honors and awards. Now they are honoring those who share their passion for excellence with the Rare Life Award and $50,000 Grand Prize.

Our own Dr. Stephanie Wright has been nominated for the Eagle Rare Life Award and DASEF needs your vote to help her win. All candidate stories can be found here: Dr. Wright's story is on the third page of the listing. Or click here to go directly to her story:

The top five finalists to receive the most votes in each category will be considered for a category prize of $5,000. The panel of judges evaluates the top 10 nominees across all categories to determine the winner of the Eagle Rare Life Award and the $50,000 Grand Prize, which will be donated to the charity or cause of the winner’s choice.

So go ahead and read her story and then click on the vote button. You can vote once from each device and browser that you have. (And for the geeky: if you clear cookies, you can vote multiple times!)

We need lots of votes to reach our goal and gain this prestigious award for DASEF. Please vote today.