Brittany Harmon, Director, WEBER SHANDWICK, Inc.

DASEF Affiliation: 22 Years



“I have been affiliated with DASEF for more than 22 years, which is more than 2/3 of my life. Little did I know in 1996, that this organization would play such an influential role in my life and for years to come!

I was extremely interested in science – for as long as I can remember. My second grade teacher at Thurgood Marshall Elementary, Mrs. Lynne Bloom, encouraged both my sister and I to attend that summer’s Delaware Aerospace Academy. Unfortunately, my family was not in an ideal financial situation at that time; however, Mrs. Bloom advocated and navigated the scholarship application process – voila, we were enrolled in Destination Sky & Beyond and Destination Space ! In the following years, I attended every one of the academies; applied for upcoming co-pilot classes; and gave back to the children whose place I used to be in.

Today, I am a Director at Weber Shandwick, the largest global public relations company. While my company is based in New York City, Recently, I have opened the Philadelphia office location and have spearheaded growing out a culture within a larger company and, fortunately, right here in the City of Brotherly Love.

My specialty is supporting healthcare and pharmaceutical companies. My love of science, found through DASEF, prepared me for these career opportunities. However, I am also known today as “Commander Harmon” during the summer academies with support of our fearless leader, and my personal role model, Dr. Stephanie Wright.

I owe most of my career and my entire outlook on life to the DASEF organization. Through Dr. Wright’s incredibly inspiring guidance and the genuine connection we all have for one another in this special DASEF “family”, I do not feel I would be where I am today without them. DASEF encouraged me to work hard; be passionate about learning; be caring for others…and of course, echoing Dr. Wright’s words, “be kind”. I have lifetime friendships through DASEF that could never be replaced and I look forward to coming back every single year - - to help children find their place in the universe.

Without the compassion and advocacy of Mrs. Bloom in 2nd grade, or the generosity of individual and corporate donors, I would not have been able to experience all that DASEF offers to Delaware children and families. I love seeing the progression of the organization from various high schools over the years, to University of Delaware and recent construction of Innovation Technology Exploration Center (ITEC).

I want my future children to know what it is like to have another home outside of home, DASEF – the place for wonder, wisdom, collaboration, confidence… and friendships. So, please join with me in supporting DASEF’s annual giving fund – TODAY !

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