DASEF's Construction Updates

ITEC Powerpoint Tour

DASEF Phase II Exterior has been completed

Photovoltaic Installation has been completed.

Outdoor exhibits are completed.

Geothermal Wells and Geothermal Mechanical Room and Mechanical Room are completed.

Insulation of the exterior walls and fire safing around the perimeter of the Second and Third Floors are completed.

Galaxy Garden is in progress.

Immediate Need:

Install minimal heat pump terminal units on all (3) floors, including electrical service to units as shown on Drawings M-102, M-103, M-202, M-203, P-2, P-3, E-102, and E-103.

Mechanical  $194,250.00
Electrical     $4,773.00
Total:           $199,023.00

Install fire protection system
FP-2 and FP-3:            $112,350.00

Phase I: Environmental Outpost and the Mountjoy Observatory

DASEF is very proud that the Environmental Outpost has achieved a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Silver Certification from the United States Green Building Council (USGBC).

Delaware AeroSpace Education Foundation (DASEF) - The Environmental Outpost - New Building
The Environmental Outpost is a facility that demonstrates the DASEF mission with emphasis on an appreciation and understanding of our natural world and beyond and the integration of human ingenuity with the ecosystems of the Earth. 

Phase II: Innovation Technology Exploration Center

The exterior of ITEC in Big Oak Park is completed.

Credit: Bobby Judge

The 144 photovoltaic solar panels on the Phase II ITEC roof have been installed.

The array is currently providing nearly all of the energy needed to run ITEC, the Environmental Outpost and the Garage and Maintenance Shop.

Our next construction package focuses on installing a geothermal mechanical room and 80 geothermal wells.

It is anticipated that the 144 solar cells together with the 80 geothermal wells will have the capacity to offset DASEF's energy cost by 45% to 55%.

We are honored and delighted to announce that DASEF's one-of-a-kind Park's Studio Wisdom Begins with Wonder sculpture is completed.

Brad Vanneman, Inge Parks,Charles Parks representing Park’s Studio, Stephanie Wright and Gary Bell representing DASEF

We are also proud to announce the completion of our Scaled Planetary Walk directed by David Meyer

Each granite representation of the solar system was lowered by crane and then secured to the accurately measured and prepared areas of the scaled walk