DASEF School Programs

DASEF programs teach the responsible use of technology, along with stewardship of our planet and its resources. We endeavor to teach children and their families the importance of using science and technology in a way that appreciates and respects the earth -- and its most valuable resource: people..

DASEF - School Programs

Customized programs On Site or at your School for all grades are possible upon request.

Check the calendar for Saturday programs, Eyes on the Skies Astronomy Programs and Family Days. Birthday parties may be scheduled as well.

Many of the Pre-School - eighth grade programs are aligned with the Delaware State Science Standards, which makes them perfect for public school students.

To schedule a visit, call The Outpost at (302) 659-5003 or email Scheduling Coordinator Lynne Bloom at lynneb@dasef.org.

DASEF - School Programs

Phone: 302.659.5003
Email: info@dasef.org
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