Destination Explorations

Delaware AeroSpace Education Foundation (DASEF) - Destination ExplorationParent and child (or children) teams explore science and technology topics in a fun and educationa lway. Monthly adventures in discovery will be offered at the Environmental Outpost on 585 Big Oak Road Smyrna, DE 19977. Two hours in length - 9:30 a.m. until 11:30 am – with a fee of $6/person. Due to weather and other conditions beyond our control, we may, in some instances, have to substitute other activities.

The fee for the 6 hour Vacation Exploration is $35 per child.

Pay by exact change or check.
Make check payable to: “DASEF”. To sign up email your name, number of participants, and your phone number to: Lynne Bloom at or call (302) 834-1978 or (302) 659-5003 and leave a number where we can reach you.

Exploration: Let Go with Legos 
November 4, 2017

Engineering with Lego blocks will challenge your young scientist to design, build, test to solve a problem. You and your child will try to build a structure that will stay together when dropped from a height, build the boat that floats and holds the most weight, construct a tower that can support a tennis ball without toppling, and design a model of the widest solar array that can be supported by a single tower. Complete your day with a game of musical Lego monsters. Develop your engineering imagination!   

Exploration: Tea with Santa
December 2, 2017

A character tea party with some seasonal science! You and your child will learn about diffusion of color on paper and in liquids and persistence of vision in animation. Investigate the mixing of solids and liquids by making "snow dough". Use some delicious ingredients to make reindeer cookies, then enjoy them as you sit down to tea. Where your favorite character costume and enjoy a chat and a photo with St. Nick. You'll have a day to remember!


Exploration: Rube Goldberg!
March 10, 2018

Roll, bump, flip, tumble, drop, lift, slide - a chain reaction of science learning and fun! Have you seen those chain reaction contraptions in videos on the web, with balls moving through a series of connected devices? Well, this is your child's chance to build their own. After learning a bit about simple machines, you and your child will be given a pile of scrap materials. Your challenge will be to build a chain reaction, Rube Goldberg device that employs the most simple machines. After assembling all of the ramps, seesaws, tubes, and chutes, you will test and refine your device and show it off to the rest of the group. Join us for creative exploration of actions and reactions!


Exploration: Garden Party
April 14, 2018

As spring blossoms, so will our garden party of science and discovery! You and your child will make dyes from flower petals and other natural materials, magnify various plant seeds to take a closer look, and start some indoor seeds to plant outside when the time is right. Use color diffusion to make beautiful butterflies and paint a bouquet with a mixture of crystals and food coloring. Learn about insect bodies and make some out of marshmallows - an edible treat that will give you the energy to spring into science!


Exploration: Endangered Species
May 19, 2018

Meeting an elephant or a hippopotamus in the wild would be a scary encounter, but our inflatable models are friendly enough. Meet them and the elephant's cousin, the manatee, at our Environmental Outpost in May! You and your child will learn about how endangered species are classified, measure and describe each animal, learn about their habitats and how they live, and make a picture of them in their natural environment. Play a few rounds of Endangered Species Bingo. Gain a better understanding of these magnificent creatures!

Exploration: DASEF's Top Five
August 7, 2018

It’s a day of DASEF’s best! Drop your child off at the Outpost to experience five of our most popular programs – all in one day! There will be a catapult segment, during which they will learn their history, build a working model, and compete in targeting games. Animation is next and that means building a praxinoscope and a flip book to make images come to life. During the dinosaurs segment, your child will help assemble a life-sized skeleton puzzle of a protoceratops and a 10-1 scale model of a T-rex, then learn about how scientists think dinosaurs became extinct. In the segment on amusement parks, they will learn about physics as they build marble roller coasters and pinball machines, and develop their marble-shooting and skeeball skills. Their day will end with a study of rocket propulsion. Your child will build and launch straw rockets, balloon rockets, and seltzer rockets, and use the action-reaction principle to send stomp rockets soaring. This will be a fascinating day of scientific discovery!