Full Day Academies

Hours: 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Hands-on activities and many opportunities for problem solving in small teams are included.  All cadets will receive a camp T-shirt and a handout with related information. 

Before & After Care offered ONLY at the University of Delaware.


Destination Discovery
Delaware AeroSpace Education Foundation (DASEF) - Destination Sky and Beyond
Explore the Ocean.
Delaware AeroSpace Education Foundation (DASEF) - Destination Sky and Beyond
Explore the Ocean.

(Entering 2nd or 3rd grade) will be held at the Outpost at our site in Smyrna, Delaware. Children will set out on an imaginary voyage under and above the ocean and then discover a dinosaur pit on land where they will excavate bones. Scientists believe that deep sea creatures were able to survive in the wake of the mass extinction which wiped out the dinosaurs by feeding on the bodies of micro-organisms such as bacteria and algae that trickled down from the waters above. Ships, fish, different species of dinosaurs and prehistoric sea monsters - some that lived under the sea and even some pirates will add to an exciting week of adventure.

Environmental Outpost in Smyrna, Delaware

Destination Sky and Beyond
Delaware AeroSpace Education Foundation (DASEF) - Destination Sky and Beyond
Plane design and Construction

(Entering 3rd or 4th grade) features a week of creative problem solving challenges including Powers of Ten, Millions of Stars, Planets, Space Habitats, and Rovers. In addition, cadets participate in exciting activities based on the physics of flight, leading to a training flight in the Elementary Simulator

University of Delaware

Destination Space & Technology
Delaware AeroSpace Education Foundation (DASEF) - Destination Flight
Cadets design planetary rovers

(Entering 4th or 5th grade) features a series of experiments conducted in a space laboratory like NASA's "White Room". The results and solutions could have the potential to benefit the human race. Cadets will discover and learn about concepts from ground to space including machines, engineering, circuitry, science, weather and computer training. Plan on constructing and launching a bottle rocket.

University of Delaware

Destination Flight
Cadets in Flight get first hand instruction on a flying simulation

(Entering 5th or 6th grade) focuses on an in-depth study of the principles of flight and cutting edge studies of the FAA and NASA Aeronautics programs. Cadets will apply the knowledge as they operate our advanced flight simulator and construct a hovercraft.

University of Delaware

Destination Orbit
Delaware AeroSpace Education Foundation (DASEF) - Destination Orbit
Rocket construction and painting

(Entering 6th, 7th, or 8th grade) includes Space Architecture, Living in Space, Physics, Rocketry, Planetary Studies & a fieldtrip to the Delaware Air National Guard. The four cadet wings learn about science and technology as they relate to Earth and Space Science.

University of Delaware

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