DASEF Sealed Inflatable, Juvenile Right Whales, Wilmer

Landmark Creations International • Featured in Landmarketing Summer 2009

There's nothing more effective when informing children, families and educators about endangered species than having the animal available at the event. Since it would be virtually impossible to accomplish this feat with a live whale, a life-size sealed inflatable replica was a very convincing stand-in.

The Delaware AeroSpace Education Foundation's (DASEF) mission is to inspire and educate the people of the Delaware Valley in the areas of math, science, technology and aerospace through the use of their academies, presentations, symposiums, professional development, events and activities. Landmark was proud to take part.

Wilmer the Right Whale has been used at workshops, academies and family days with big plans for other appearances in the future. According to Stephanie Wright, "In the coming months and years, Wilmer will be used in numerous educational events, workshops and activities. He is easy to store and inflate. DASEF is very pleased with Wilmer! As far as additional instructional opportunities, the ocean and beyond are our inspiration and motivation for how Wilmer will be used."

The Wilmer project was underwritten by TD Bank in an effort to bring attention to this incredible marine mammal.
















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