Birthday Party Descriptions

Come to the Environmental Outpost for a Birthday Party!

Your selection of themed parties includes dinosaurs, space, butterflies or pirates. Enjoy lots of fun activities to make and take with you!

The fee for a 2-hour party is $250 for up to 14 guests; additional guests are $8 each up to maximum of 20. Parties are for ages 4-10. You are welcome to bring food and supplies for your party.

To schedule, contact Lynne Bloom at or call (302) 659-5003
or (302) 834-1978.

Sounds Like Parties

Delaware AeroSpace Education Foundation (DASEF) - Butterfly Birthday PartiesYou and your guests will use Boomwackers plastic tubes to discover changing pitches and make up songs, make and take a rain stick, watch a movie about fantastic music machines, see a demonstration of vibrations in our Dancing Water Bowl, take the “Mystery Sounds” challenge, and play “Guess What’s Shaking”

Butterfly Birthday Parties

You and your guests will go on a hunt around the grounds to find model butterflies and learn about protective coloration, assemble a Monarch butterfly puzzle; watch a movie about butterflies; use hand lenses for a close-up look at our butterfly and moth collections; each make a paper butterfly to take home.

Dinosaur Birthday Parties

Delaware AeroSpace Education Foundation (DASEF) - Birthday Party

You and your guests will assemble a dinosaur puzzle; watch a video about dinosaurs; hunt for and assemble the pieces of a life-sized skeleton model of “Protoceratops” (the first horn-faced dinosaur); each make a prehistoric dinosaur scene, and make a fossil to take home

Space Adventure Birthday Parties

You and your guests will watch a video about space; assemble a planetary puzzle; build and launch a ‑lm canister/seltzer rocket (ages 5 to 7) or a soda bottle rocket (ages 8 to 10; each guest brings a 2- liter soda bottle, and make a space magnet or picture frame to take home with you.

Pirate Birthday Parties

You and your guests will visit our life-sized model of a sailing scow to hear about local pirates; make a pirate hat and patch, go on a pirate treasure hunt; assemble a pirate puzzle; see a pirate movie.

Underseas Adventure Parties

You and your guests will make and take a periscope and use it to decode secret messages hidden around the building, take the “Ship’s Cargo Challenge” – problem-solving for young ship builders, see an animated ocean movie, assemble a puzzle about life under the sea, and make a bead sea creature to hang in your room.

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