STEM for Scout Merit Badges

Our STEM programs are designed to aid scouts in meeting requirements for the science merit badges Some independent research and additional observations by scouts will be necessary to meet all requirements. Length and Fees for programs may vary depending on the scoutís badge requirements. Some programs are overnight or run longer than the standard 2 Hours. Length determines the fee per scout. Programs will be adapted to the needs of the scoutí badge requirements.

Scout Leaders and chaperones are free of charge unless they are also building or constructing their own. In that event, they will be charged the price of the kit and materials.


Length: 2 hours

Fee: $7 per scout (minimum 20 / maximum 30)


Length: Two 2-hour sessions or one 4-hour session on a Saturday

Fee: $25 for 4 hours per scout (includes cost of rocket and engine)


Length: Overnight, 6:00 pm to 10:00 am

Fee: $45 per scout (minimum 10 / maximum 15)


Example of a 2-Hour Program:


Water Everywhere Badge

Delaware AeroSpace Education Foundation (DASEF) - Water Everywhere Badge Scouts will learn about the many properties and uses of water. They will begin by making a water snooper. Then they'll take their water snoopers, strainers, and bowls down the nature trail to our pond. From the observation deck they will look below the surface and scoop up some water samples to see what lives there.

Back in the Outpost the scouts will search the ingredients lists on product containers to see where water can be found. They will do the water layers investigation to learn about fresh and salt water properties.

Scouts will explore the wave and ripple properties of water, and they'll take the cargo floating challenge.


Example of a 4-Hour Program:


First 2 Hours:



Scouts will learn about the history of US space exploration and the new technologies it has produced, the International Space Station and NASAís plans for a return mission to the moon and a human mission to Mars. They will learn and discuss the requirements for a manned outpost on our moon or another planet and how such a launch and flight to and from are or could be accomplished. Scouts will test their knowledge by designing and building a model of a manned outpost that suits the needs of a particular planet.


Second 2 Hours:


Scouts will assemble a model rocket, learning about its parts, functions, and how physical laws apply to their operation, then launch their rockets.


Example Overnight Program:


Overnight programs, beginning at 6:00 p.m. and ending by 10:00 a.m. the following morning, can be scheduled at our Environmental Outpost in Smyrna. These have a fee of $45/person with a minimum fee of $450. There will be an extra fee per scout if model kits such as Estes rockets or telescopes are purchased for scouts to build. Leaders and chaperones are free of charge unless they are also building a model kit or telescope.

Evening snacks and cereal and fresh fruit for breakfast included.

Space Explorer Badge

In the StarLab planetarium, scouts will learn about constellations and individual stars and how to locate and identify them in the night sky. This will be followed by a star gazing hike on our nature trail, and making constellation pictures.

Delaware AeroSpace Education Foundation (DASEF) - Space Explorer Badge - Star Gazing Through a power point presentation, scouts will learn about the planets in our solar system and the surface of the moon. They will get to design and construct a model of a lunar rover, see a NASA film to take a simulated "Field Trip to the Moon", and assemble a planetary puzzle.

Scouts will learn about the history and design of telescopes that enable us to see distant space objects and have a safe view of the sun through our sun spotter devices. They will learn about how women have participated in the US space program and about NASAs current and future plans for space exploration. To culminate their visit scouts will make their mark on the universe by designing a space science postage stamp.



All programs will be adapted to the needs of the requested scout badge requirements.



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