Evening Eyes on the Skies

Like to get a better look at objects you see in the night sky or want to share the excitement of star gazing with your family and friends? Then come to DASEF's Mountjoy Observatory for one of our evening 'Eyes on the Skies' sessions (see schedule below). Weather permitting, for one and a half hours, you can explore the universe in our observatory and learn about the moon, the planets, and constellations through family activities, short films and observation. The fee is $5/person. Limit: 15-20 participants.

The Mountjoy Astronomical Observatory is used for observing celestial events. The observatory is attached to the Environmental Outpost, located at 585 Big Oak Road in Smyrna, Delaware. The observatory is home to a 16" Meade Telescope and 3 Orion Newtonians. DASEF's amateur astronomer and instructors engage in astronomy education and public outreach. The general public and special groups are invited to preregister online for our one and a half hour Eyes on the Skies programs on selected evenings throughout the year.

Pay by exact change or check.

Make check payable to: "DASEF". To sign up: email your name, number of participants, and your phone number to: Lynne Bloom at lynneb@dasef.org or call (302) 834-1978 or (302) 659-5003 and leave a number where we can reach you.


Note: Programs will Resume at a Future Date


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