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Application for Participation in the 2012 Delaware Rockets for Schools Program: Saturday, May 5 at Cape Henlopen State Park.

Sponsoring Instructor
Grade Level
School Phone Number
Home #
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Email Address
Fax #
Please Check: Private
Home School
Name of School
District if Applicable
Youth Group: Name and contact information:


Please Check Events Your School is Entering and the
Number of Students
Designing a Logo: K-12
Number of Students
Canister Rocket: K-3
Number of Students
Balloon Lifting: 4-8
Number of Students
Bottle Rocket: 4-8
Number of Students
Model Rocket: 7-12
Number of Students
Advanced Rocket: 9-12
Number of Students
Number of Students
Please attach additional pages with a list of all students/grade levels for each event.
Application & participants are due on or before 5/4/2012.
Send through Regular Mail to:
Dr. Stephanie Wright
5 Essex Drive
Bear, DE 19701

Application on web site. Email

Phone: 302.659.5003
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