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Delaware AeroSpace Education Foundation (DASEF) - Elementary Flight Simulator Program

The Elementary Flight Simulators were built by retired Boeing employees and donated to the Delaware AeroSpace Education Foundation (DASEF) in 1994 and 1998. The primary goal of the program is to provide educators and their students with a quality, multi-disciplinary program for teaching and integrating the scientific process skills, careers, history of flight and transportation, engineering skills and the principles of flight. This will be achieved through the use of the elementary Flight Simulator and Hartel Trainer Program and the implementation of the accompanying curriculum materials.

Elementary Flight Simulator Description

The simulator gives educators and their students a very real simulation of an actual flight. As they move the control stick and use the rudder pedals, the simulator moves. It climbs, dives, rolls to either side, and yaws left and right, in response to the actions of the pilot.

Delaware AeroSpace Education Foundation (DASEF) - Elementary Flight Simulator Program

The simulator has control surfaces, like a real plane, which move as different maneuvers are performed. There is a vacuum powered instrument panel. The students can see the effects of his or her control actions reflected in changes on this panel. Following the integrated, applied learning tasks and training sessions on the 10 Hartel Trainers, also supplied by DASEF, teams of students will be given time for a flight. The Aviation Program is supported by the Boeing Company, Delaware Space Grant Consortium and the Delaware AeroSpace Education Foundation.


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